Common Boiler Problems During Winter

A broken down boiler in winter is no fun for anyone. Its during the cold weather that we need heat and hot water from our boilers the most, so naturally we want to do all we can to avoid it having any downtime. 

At Bell Heating Services Ltd, we’ve carried out a full range of heating repairs, being witness to every boiler problem imaginable. We’ve used this knowledge to write the following guide on common boiler problems in winter - and how best to deal with them. 

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Problems with pipes

When temperatures outside reach near freezing, they can easily affect your central heating pipes. Your worst case scenario is a burst pipe, which can cause devastating damage to your home and needs to be avoided at all costs. 

A common pipe issue that is much easier to manage is the condensation pipe, which is situated at the back of many modern boilers, freezing. When this happens your boiler will stop working but it can be quickly resolved by pouring warm water (not hot) over it until it thaws out.

To stop your pipes freezing in winter, try leaving your heating on even when not in use, with the thermostat set to around 14 degrees. This should stop your pipes reaching the point where they freeze, because your thermostat will kick in if the temperature drops below this point inside.

Thermostat out of whack 

Over time components in your thermostat can wear out. If there’s a problem with the wiring or a part inside, it sends your thermostat haywire, meaning it can’t send the message to your boiler to heat the radiators. 

The result of this is cold rooms, but luckily a Gas Safe registered heating engineer can investigate and solve the issue through a replacement part or new unit.

Pilot light in a pickle

If your pilot light isn’t on, there really is no one home - your boiler can’t and won’t work without it. While there are a few reasons for your pilot light to switch off, the most risky is due to a build-up of gas, so it’s important to get your boiler checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer to make sure everything is ok. 

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