Different Types of Boilers to Install

There’s lots to consider before you have a new boiler installed. Advances in technology means there’s more choice - and this is great so long as you feel informed to make the right decision!

A few factors will impact the boiler you choose. Different boilers have different benefits, so if you have a large house or multiple bathrooms, you’ll want to choose a different boiler from someone living in a one-bedroom apartment, for example. 

At Bell Heating Services Ltd, we install a full range of boilers and know all there is to know about all of them. So if you’re in doubt about which type to choose, simply read on and feel baffled no more! 

How do I decide on the right boiler for me?

The key is understanding the benefits of different boiler types, and which apply to your circumstances. Here’s a handy guide:

Combi boiler

Combi boilers are now established in the market but were considered a revolution when they arrived because they work so differently to regular or system types. They pipe water directly from the mains, so don’t require a water tank nor any waiting around for the water to heat up. As well as saving on both time and storage, combi boilers are usually more energy-efficient as there’s no wasted hot water. 

They work for homes with a single bathroom and without a lot of occupants. This is because they can only direct water to one source, so you can’t run two showers at the same time or run the hot water in the kitchen while running a bath.  

Regular boilers

Also known as conventional or traditional boilers, regular boilers suit homes with more than one bathroom. They work along with a hot water cylinder and tank, so can store a decent amount of water and allow multiple water sources to be used at once. This makes life in a busy family easier to manage, although the water does not heat instantly, like with a combi boiler, the tank can store some hot water for use throughout the day. 

System boilers

System boilers also work with a hot water cylinder but they don’t require a tank and in this way differ from regular boilers. Because of this they are still popular in homes that use a lot of water without taking up the additional storage that a tank does. System boilers also offer the option to be used with solar thermal systems, making them more energy-efficient. Similar to regular boilers, hot water must be heated in advance with a system boiler.

Trusted boiler installation in Glasgow and surrounds

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