How Can I Improve the Efficiency of My Boiler?

During the colder months, home-owners can face a difficult challenge when looking to create a warm and welcoming property.


More specifically, they need to strike a balance between keeping their home warm and maintaining the boiler’s optimal level of efficiency, in a bid to reduce consumption and monthly energy bills.


But how can you achieve this? Below, we’ve prepared a few tips to help you improve the performance and efficiency of your existing boiler unit.


Turn your Heating on During the Summer


Let’s start with the basics; as leaving your heating switched off for an extended period of time can cause it to seize up and even break down in some instances.


This can be easily avoided simply by switching on your boiler regularly during the warmer months, both throughout the summer and the beginning of autumn.


You only need to keep the boiler switched on for a period of 15 minutes at a time, and this should be relatively easy to accomplish with remote heating controls.


Arrange an Annual Service


The benefits of annually servicing your boiler are well-known, from preventing the development of long-term faults to respecting the terms of your warranty.


In an ideal world, you’ll have your annual service undertaken during the summer or early autumn, as it’s usually easier to book a visit during these periods whilst it creates a window of opportunity to optimise the efficiency of your boiler before the winter.


This means that there will be ample time to diagnose faults and repair them quickly, before the cold weather really begins to bite!


Bleed your Radiators


When you start to switch your heating system off during the late summer or autumn, you may also want to check your radiators.


The reason for this is simple; as any cold patches on your radiators may mean that there’s trapped air in the heating system. Over time, this causes significant heating inefficiencies in your home, whilst it can also trigger an increase in pressure within the boiler.


If you do identify cold patches on your radiators, you can easily bleed them to release any trapped air and restore the boiler to its optimal efficiency level.


Call on Bell Heating to Optimise your Boiler’s Performance


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