Is Your Boiler Ready for Winter?

It’s that time of year again, when the leaves begin to fall from the trees and temperatures begin to plummet nationwide.


Still, winter doesn’t officially start for another couple of months, so there’s still ample time to ensure that your boiler is ready for the colder climate!


In this post, we’ll look at the steps that you can take to ensure that your boiler is fully functional by the time winter comes around!


Have Your Boiler Serviced?


If you haven’t already done so, now would be the ideal time to book an annual boiler service.


This will see a Gas Safe-registered engineer attend your home and provide a full boiler inspection, as they look to highlight any potential faults and recommend the most cost-efficient repairs.


This will ensure that your boiler unit is in tip-top condition by the time winter starts in earnest, minimising the risk of breakdowns and optimising its overall level of efficiency.


Insulate Your Pipes


On another note, you may want to consider insulating your water pipes as winter continues to move ever closer.


The reason for this is simple; as when the temperature drops below zero, any standing water that remains in your pipes can freeze. This may create a blockage in your plumbing system, and failing to address this issue can leave the water to expand, turn into ice and eventually lead to the rupture of individual pipes.


Make no mistake; insulating your pipes is a simple and cost-effective way to minimise this risk, whilst that can also be carried out by accredited engineers.


Check Your Boiler’s Pressure and Radiators


If you’ve only recently fired up your boiler after a long, hot summer, we’d definitely recommend checking your boiler’s pressure and each individual radiator.


To begin with, your boiler’s pressure gauge should ideally read 1.5 bar, and you should consider calling out an engineer if the reading is significantly higher or lower. If it’s higher, you can also try bleeding your radiators to release any trapped air in the heating system, as this may lower the level of pressure and improve performance.


You should also check your radiators for additional cold spots and try to identify any issues that may exist in specific rooms. These can be corrected when you subsequently call out an engineer.


Why Choose Bell Heating to Service Your Boiler?


If you do want to book in your annual boiler service or repair specific faults with your unit, you can rely on the team at Bell Heating to help you out.


Based in Renfrew and covering a 20-mile radius, we’re Gas Safe-registered and fully insured, meaning that our customers can call on us whilst retaining genuine peace of mind and receive full value for money!


To find out more, why not shoot us an email to and request your quote in writing? Or, you can call us on either 01412 660161 or 07745170080 and we’ll be only too happy to answer your queries!