Why Hire a Gas Safe Registered Engineer

You’ve probably heard the term ‘Gas Safe-registered’ before, but we’d forgive you if you weren’t entirely sure what this means.


After all, the Gas Safe register replaced the well-known CORGI legislation on April 1st, 2009, creating a new and comprehensive set of guidelines for all service providers. Gas Safe also holds a register with the details of every single approved engineer in the country, and you can refer to this when searching for an accredited service provider.


But what exactly do you need to hire a Gas Safe-registered engineer? Here are some of the most important reasons:


Safety! Safety! Safety!


Let’s start with the basics; as boilers and heating systems are complex entities that can be fatal if they’re not installed or maintained correctly.


Make no mistake; the risks associated with poor workmanship and unsafe installation practices can threaten the lives of the individuals who reside inside your home, whilst also causing significant damage to your home in the worst-case scenario.


By working with an approved and accredited engineer, however, you can negate this risk and achieve genuine peace of mind as a home-owner.


The Work of Gas Safe-registered Engineers is Guaranteed


If you fail to hire an accredited engineer to install your boiler, you may find it hard to find service providers who are willing to service or maintain the unit in the future.


This is because the work carried out by engineers who are not on the Gas Safe-register cannot be guaranteed, meaning that approved service providers may refuse to carry out subsequent repairs to protect themselves against future breakdowns.


In this respect, failing to hire a registered engineer can cost you significant amounts of money over time, particularly if you have to redo previously completed works.


Working with Approved Engineers Will Help to Uphold Warranties


On a similar note, the incorrect or inadequate installation of a new boiler can undermine your manufacturer’s warranty in the event of a breakdown.


After all, most guarantees include stringent rules about the installation and maintenance of your boiler, and failing to adhere to these will void the manufacturer’s warranty in most instances.


Working with an accredited engineer negates this, however, as they’re work is fully insured and guaranteed to meet the national guidelines.


Why Should you Choose Bell Heating?


If you live in a 20-mile radius of Renfrew and you’re looking for a Gas Safe-registered engineer, you should look no further than Bell Heating.


In addition to being accredited, we’re also fully insured and focused on the needs of our customers. This means that we operate a customer-centric service, and one that can be tailored to suit your precise needs and circumstances.


To find out more about our service and accreditation, you can call one of our team today on either 01412 660161 or 07745 170080. You can also email us at info@bellheating.co.uk, and we’ll strive to respond just as soon as we can!