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Offering our powerflushing service in Renfrew, Paisley, Hillington, Erskine, Bishopton, Johnstone, Linwood, Kilbarchan, Langbank, Bridge of weir, Houston, Cardonald and surrounding areas of Renfrewshire. 

If you need a gas engineer to powerflush your central heating in Renfrew, Paisley, Erskine or any of the surrounding areas, give us a call on 01412 660161 or check out our contact details down below.

Our powerflushing service

Powerflushing is the easiest way to keep your central heating system in great condition and will improve the performance and efficiency considerably! During a powerflush, we inject water into your system at a very high velocity- giving it enough power to remove any build up hiding in your pipes and components. 

Build up happens naturally over time and can be made up of rust, debris, sludge and any other chemicals that may have found their way inside. It is unavoidable, but a powerflush can revert your system back to brand new!

Does your central heating system need a powerflush? 

When it comes to boilers and central heating, we know it can be tricky to tell when things aren’t right. Here are a few common and easy to spot problems that indicate you need a powerflush:

  • Your radiators take a while to heat up or don’t heat up at all
  • Cold spots remain on our radiators, even after bleeding them
  • A magnet will attach to your copper pipes (a sign of rust)
  • Your boiler will randomly turn itself off 
  • Your water takes a while to heat up or doesn’t heat up at all
  • Strange noises are coming from your boiler (e.g. gurgling, kettling or banging) 

If you have noticed any of the above problems, give us a call on 01412 660161 to book your powerflush today! 

Book your powerflush with our gas engineers today 

If you need a powerflush then look no further than Bell Heating! Our flexible gas engineers offer times to suit you. To get in touch with our gas engineers, email us at info@bellheating.co.uk or give us a call on 01412 660161 / 07745 170080.
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